Monday, August 24, 2015


What do I do with two little people while I attempt to homeschool our two oldest?  I shut them in the living room of course.  I stepped away from Athanasius to check on the two littles and found this.  I tried taking a picture through the french door because I didn't want to break up the moment.  I eventually decided to take the chance and open the door because the pictures were so bad through the glass. 

They really get a long well and Boaz teaches her all kinds of craziness.  Until, Felicity smacked Boaz in the face and all the love was over. 

The other day I put them both in Felicity's crib to give me a few moments of peace with the big kids.  It was fun for a few minutes and then Boaz figured out he was being held as a prisoner in a cage and wanted to be released.  Last Thursday Clay did not have school so he was going to run a couple errands and declared, "I'm taking Boaz and Felicity with me."  "Oh?" I said.  Well, I discovered that what I am doing is hard and why can't I see that?? I mean, doing homeschool with two little people under foot is hard work!! But, sometimes when you are in the moment and trying to keep your head above water you don't realize or subconsciously don't acknowledge that what you are doing is difficult.  Do you know what I mean?  Is it just me?  So, when we were finished with homeschool Eleanor and Athanasius wanted to go outside and play and I sat on the back deck, I just, sat.  I didn't chase a little toddler around trying to keep her alive, I just sat there and did NOTHING.  That's when it hit me, what I am doing is hard work and I need to acknowledge that because maybe I would be more merciful to myself and not get so easily discouraged. 

One day all this craziness will be over and I think I will miss it. 


  1. You will miss it. Guaranteed. Enjoy!

  2. Mary Michal RogersAugust 24, 2015 at 9:10 PM

    I totally understand what you mean about not thinking things are hard until you take a step back. Needed to read this - thank you! And your photos are lovely!