Friday, July 17, 2015

Staying Positive

With in two weeks so many things in our home have broken.  First our lawnmower, then our washing machine.  Now our van will not start, and now we have no hot water.  And also someone ran into the side of Clay's Jeep and it has a huge dent.  And last night I came down with a splitting head ache and body aches.  To me, having small children and not feeling well is depressing. 

Thankfully it is Friday and Clay does not have clinicals tomorrow.  Thankfully my Dad is coming to visit this weekend and bringing a washer he found on craigslist.  Sometimes it is hard to stay positive.  Honestly, I was not shaken up by all the things that have broken (unless it was the AC then I would probably cry like a baby) but not feeling well is always a challenge for me.  When I don't have energy for my kids I feel lazy and when I feel lazy I feel guilty.  I really just want to curl up in bed and watch BBC dramas. 

Tomorrow is my birthday.  Last night Clay said, "Tomorrow I'm going to bake a cake."  I immediately thought of Nacho Libre, "I think I'll build her a cake or something."  :)  I really love birthdays, I get so excited when it is Clay's or the kids and it is fun to see them get excited about mine.  

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