Monday, July 13, 2015

Baby Bunny

Today Ellie and I caught a baby bunny!  I was running around the yard trying to get it, yelling, "Ellie! A baby bunny!"  Ellie ran over and managed to catch it, she is so fast!  The bunny is so sweet.  We have it set up in a dog kennel.  I'm not sure we will keep it, but it will be fun for the day.  On a side note our washing machine has officially bit the dust.  Clay was on the phone with my Dad for awhile and my Dad said the part would cost more than another used washer.  So, in the evening Clay did some homework at the laundry mat.  It worked out nicely.  When we were first married we had to use a laundry mat and I always thought it was cozy.  I probably wouldn't think so now, with four little kids. 

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