Thursday, July 2, 2015

Putter Along

These are some photos I took after a service during Holy Week.  This was on Great Friday.  The ladies at church do such a beautiful job with the flowers.  I love how the light comes through the windows.

 This is our kind Priest, Father Moses Berry.  He always takes time to chat with the kiddos.

 My Dad came the weekend of Pascha.  He really enjoyed the service.

 Silly girl!

 This is called the Fifi sandwich.  She was perfectly content just as she was.

 The first sunflower.  

 Sunflowers and Zinnias and the plum tree to the right.  We plant these flowers every year. 

 The second sunflower.
 That is cantelope growing out of the bed!

 From left to right I have tomatoes, cantelope, zucinni, and three sunflowers.

 Clay came home for a few minutes after an exam and then he was on his way to work.  I asked him to stand in front of the giant sunflower so you can see how tall it is!

 Sweet girl and Daddy!

This is on our front porch.  My Mom would grow these around our pool in FLA.  I love their leaves.

Well, we are just loving summer.  Everytime I think of winter my stomach hurts.  It feels so long!  But we can do it.  I did it, I quit facebook.  I feel torn about it because I really did enjoy "visiting" with people but I usually left feeling more discouraged than encouraged.  I was knowing information my mind and heart really didn't need know and then I was stuck working through it and processing it.  It is like the first day of a new diet or any new resolution, "Oh, this is wonderful! Why didn't I make this change in my life earlier!?"  But I know it will be difficult, even if it isn't today.

As I type, the big kids are swimming and the littles, Boaz and Felicity are watching their beloved "Little Bear" show.  I love it too honestly.  Felicity's new independence is to climb on the couch and climb down.  It scared me at first but now I am over it, if she bops her head she will be fine.  

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