Monday, November 9, 2009

Our Little Yellow House...

Here's what our house has looked like lately...

1. An adorable two year old girl I tried to potty train today, we gave up...until tomorrow.

2. A strikingly handsome with long, luscious brown hair five month old is coughing and most of the time can not breath through his nose. If it were not for an amazing midwife ( and her mother) we would have probably taken Nayshe to the ER Friday night, but that is another post. He is doing much better, smiling and playing but still coughing. Mommy wants the coughing to stop...but she is thankful he can breath.

3. A bath time that ended with poop in the tub! We progressed to the kids' room and she pee-peed when Clay was putting her pj's on (I guess we took her out of the tub too soon). Every time Clay helps me with bath time drama happens. :) We do not know why this happens because his help is wonderful but every time (yes, this is not the first time) she poops in the tub it is when Daddy is giving her a bath. Weird. Mommy thinks it is funny.

4. Daddy gave me another sewing date tonight, he told me to sew for hour no matter what it sounds like out here...I'm thinking "sounds like?" ---- Mommy sewed for 40 minutes, I HAD to come out, both babies were crying. He tried. He blessed me greatly. I recovered a down feather pillow ( thrift store $1.50) and fixed this dress that I really love but felt like a Hoochie MaMa when I wore it to church a few weeks ago. Wanted to run back home and change... it is Proverbs 31ish now.

5. Matt Costa's "Vienna" playing over and over. Since Athan has been sick we have regressed and are not putting him down to bed awake (big deal, we'll get back there) Clay gets him to sleep with this song playing. Clay and I like the tone of it. Athan does too I guess. :) He is sooooo cute!!

6. A lot of laughing and a lot of crying from a spunky, blue eyed, beautiful 2 1/2 year old. Emotions change faster than Clay and I can keep up with sometimes. Long suffering....thanks Paul.

7. My wonderful husband looking over my shoulder correcting alllll my typing and grammatical mistakes -- making me nervous -- he is going to read now. :)

Have a goodnight~ love, the Pearlsteins


  1. I knew you guys were cool... Matt Costa is good times. *smile*

  2. 2. Aww, I'm so glad A is feeling better. We missed you Sunday!

    3. LOL! :)

    4. I'm so impressed you sewed for 40 minutes straight! :) I always either get distracted by something I need to do, or something goes wrong and I set it aside for later...

    6. Nathan has been super emotional all day today and I have no idea why. This doesn't bode well for tomorrow, we've got a date planned and are leaving him for the longest stretch ever, nine hours. If you think of it pray he does well. I'm sure rationally that he'll be just fine but my mama mind worries anyway.

  3. Awww-- I kept checking your old blog and hoping you'd post again. ;) Love the new blog!

    2. Hurray for midwives. I've sure missed having one down here. :( Thank God for cell phones! :)

    7. Lol! I can NOT type whenever someone is watching me.

  4. Don' worry about not putting Athan down awake. It won't ruin him. I always nursed my babies to sleep till they were a lot older than he is. It was so relaxing for me and baby and I don't think any of my kids have been ruined by it. :-)