Monday, November 16, 2009

Thrift Store Find #1 (and #2)




I have a series to come of great thrift store finds. These two yellow chairs were $2 a piece at Thrift Haven. I love them and so does Ellie. Now I want to find a second hand end table, paint it orange and paint the top with chalk board paint. You see we plan to get a kitchen for Ellie for Christmas and I think it would be so fun to have a table and chairs to enjoy all her imaginary cookery! She is so cute sitting there...that is her "sick" attire --- shirt, diaper, and flip flops. This girl could wear just her diaper and shoes everyday and be perfectly happy. She does not want clothes most of the time, but shoes? Shoes all the time.

We added Nayshe to the mix and that was fun. Doesn't he look like a little bug with that big smile? Sometimes I get panicky and say to Clay..."what are we doing? we have two kids!!" He of course just laughs and says something like "we're doing great!" I love him and those two bugs of kiddos more than I thought I could love someone.

Thrift Store Find #2 are those cute black flip flops Ellie is wearing. Not only does she love her shoes but mine as well. Daily she will go into my closet and grab a pair and inch her way around the house. Considering how dangerous this could be she does quite well. Her favorites are my flip flops (remember I am from Florida!). I have been wanting to find some for her. I found these at the DAV Friday night when I was trying to do part of my grocery shopping. She slept in them Friday night! We let her go to sleep in them and then later in the night I went back in and took them off, she woke up from a dead sleep saying "put them back on!" She's crazy. I love her for it. Oh, the flip flops were $3 --- it was her "I'm so pitiful I need a sick present".

My point with this Thrift Store Find series is that it is so trendy right now to "go green" it is not just about buying cars with better gas mileage, using vinegar to clean, soap nuts in your wash, or whatever else, but reusing someone else's stuff (especially when there is so much life left in it) is a big part of going green. The next time your curling iron dies check out the thrift store...there are always like 100! And usually there is a testing area to see if it really works. My blow dryer (which I bought 2 years ago at Thrift Haven for $1) died so I went a hunting. Thrift Haven did not have any, but Goodwill did. It was $3 -- which I actually thought was expensive--- ha ha!! But really, there is a lot you can find at thrift stores. Every time I walk into a dirty, smelly, germ-infested thrift store this adrenaline starts flowing through me, and I think "what am I going to find today?" Happy thrifting and goodnight!


  1. How fun! Those are super cute, and I LOVE the picture of them both hanging out in their new chairs. :)

    And you know I love thrift stores too! Like treasure hunting...

    Hope you all feel better soon!

  2. Hi Brooke!
    Oh, those chairs are sooo cute! I agree with Natalie... thrift store shopping is great. Sadly, we don't have any real good ones near us, so we go to flea markets. :)
    Ellie's hair is ADORABLE!! I hope my little girls are that darling! :)
    I hope you all are feeling better.

    love, Achaia

    p.s. You have such a cute blog. :)

  3. Oh Brooke, I am LOVING your blog... such a wonderful peek into your everyday! Ellie and Athan are precious! And I adore your thrift store finds. :)

    We've been praying for you all... hope all is well soon. (As cute as Eleanor looks in her "sick clothes"!)

    love, Apphia

  4. I love thrift stores too - but you do have to wade through a TON of junk. =) We should go thrift store shopping together sometime ... you know, when Bryan & I just happen to "be in the area" in MO. Ha! But it would be fun, right?