Thursday, March 17, 2011

Giving to the Poor

Homeless...Will work for food...Need Help...

What do you do when you see someone holding a sign like that? It is hard because Christ commands us to give to the poor but at the same time you do not want to be fueling someone's drug addiction (not that every one asking for help is a drug addict). I have a a close family member that has struggled with drugs and from experience they would much rather have a fix than food. From being so close to someone with a problem like this I have learned a couple things: first, they are human beings that our God created, second, they more than likely are embarrassed by their lack of self government and feel guilty a lot of the time, and third, think how hard it is for you and I to stop some "little" sin or habit let a lone something as gripping as cocaine. Clay and I really feel pity when we see someone in the Walmart parking lot holding a sign. I can not imagine being desperate enough to stand in front of people begging. We give to them when we can but we really don't like giving them cash. So what is our solution? I'm not sure when we thought of this or where we got the idea but, we buy little $5 gift cards from McDonald's and keep them in our car. We feel better about this.
Well, that is what we have decided to start with... what are your ideas? Any other suggestions for times like this when there is a need but, you are not sure what to do?


  1. I so relate! I think I need to start carrying gift cards because I see them on my daily errands and my heart breaks with heartache and conflict. Before I had children I worked and I had a couple of face to face encounters. The first I gave them food I had on hand(a husband and pregnant wife) the second time I was eating outside at a restaurant and was approached so I took him in and let him pick out a meal. Since then I have been approached but had nothing on me and had my daughter with me so I always went into mother hen mode instead of 'meet the need where they are at' as we are taught by Jesus. So I think the gift card is a great idea easy and quick enough to keep mother hen mode in place but not neglect the needy. I thought of taking a basket of fruit and leaving it on picnic tables where I regularly see homeless rummaging in garbage cans but I have not done it. Maybe I was suppose to read your post tonight. Thank you! God bless you!

  2. Hi Clayton, Brooke, Ellie, Buddy, and another player not yet named. Congratulations! My prayers are with you. I always enjoy and look forward to your blog. What a nice place, the Little Yellow House.

  3. Jenny- It is hard when your kiddos are with you. Usually I am able to pass something along through my car window. I like your fruit idea basket idea!

    Mike Webb - I have been wondering about you, I am so glad you still look at the blog! I hope you are doing well!