Thursday, January 14, 2010

Good Deals~

At ALDI this week, until the 19th...

PINEAPPLE $1.99 each

GALA APPLES $1.19 for a 3lb. bag

NAVEL ORANGES $1.29 for a 4lb. bag

I am really excited about the fresh pineapple. :)


  1. I went to Aldi this week & bought all three of the items you just mentioned! Thanks for alerting me to the fact that it's a sale...I just figured it was another produce price fluctuating. I'll need to go back before the week's end to get more. Bryan's been experimenting with his new blender, so we've been going through quite a bit of produce. =)

    Oh, I did want to note that our prices here in MI are slightly different than yours. Pineapples $1.49, Apples .99/3# bag, Oranges $1.49/4# bag. But pretty much the same!

  2. That's interesting, do you go to ALDI often. I have grown to really like it. I can not purchase everything there but almost! Thanks for your comments Jill, it is fun to get feedback.

  3. Oh, you're welcome. =) I enjoy commenting. Yes, I do go to Aldi quite a bit. I fell off the couponing wagon during my first trimester, and I'm struggling to get back into my routine (one more thing I'm trying to work on for the New Year!). I still have a stockpile of certain things, but I have been shopping at Aldi a lot more than I used to. I needed celery for a recipe & for about 3 weeks, the price was always $1.69. For celery! I thought that was crazy high ... and was trying to wait for the price to come down. Well, it never did, so guess what I bought this week? Yep. Celery. Hopefully on Sunday we'll have Italian Wedding Soup. I got the recipe from my pastor's wife & it is soo good. I love it!