Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Snow + Floridians = FUN!

Here are a few pictures from when my family was here for Christmas...

Me, Ellie, and my Mom!

I love this little girl...those eyes!

Eleanor was already at her limit, hands and face burning and then a big gust of wind came. It made for a fun picture. (The wind I mean, not her suffering!!)

My Dad made this sled thing out of junk from our garage. Matthew (my little brother) had a great time being pulled behind my Dad's truck. And of course Clay is sitting in the bed of the truck to the good shot. They looked hilarious going down our street!

We had a fun and quiet visit with my family. We were so thankful they came here instead of us traveling with two little ones to FLA. Thank you so much Dad, Mom, and Matt. We know it was a sacrifice for the born and raised Floridians!


  1. I want to see some pics of old man Wright!!!! otherwise known as Rabbi Wright......

  2. Haha I love looking at your posts they always make me smile :] ~Kayla O.

  3. I'm so glad Kayla! And I'm glad you look @ it.