Saturday, January 16, 2010

~Homemade Diaper Bag~

I have been itching for a new diaper bag, one that was cute, efficient and would help to stay organized (like for a day...). I found one in Target I really liked and almost splurged ($30! --- which really is not much in the world of diaper bags) but God by His grace restrained me. :) And I'm so glad He did! Because I found a remnant piece of brown Canvas at Hobby Lobby for $4 --- perfect! While my husband's MAC was in the shop (crashed hard drive) I took advantage of his inability to work on pics and made a diaper bag! It was really fun, every time I would finish a little something I would pop out of our room and show Clay..."see, this does this and is for this..." And it did not take that long either. I worked on it on and off for one day and then finished it the next day during their naps. Quick story---Ellie came to visit me while I was up in sew land and I got an idea...I tied a piece of scrap fabric around her head and told her she was Mary. She loved it! She came back a few minutes later and said she needed some fabric for "Joseph" (Daddy)! As she was leaving she looked back at me and asked, "who are you?" ---thinking---"I am a sewing shepherd!" Smile from Ellie, "yes! you are a sewing shepherd! Daddy! Mommy is a sewing shepherd!" And went back to pretending with Joseph. Sometimes when I am sewing she will still call me a "sewing shepherd" whatever that is. :)

This is the slot for my wipes container and other diapering necessities.

This is the cute fabric that a friend gave me for Christmas. I love it! See that elastic pocket? I have been wanting to try this and it was so much easier than I thought. Wish I had brown thread though. :)

These metal hook things are from another purse I purchased at a yard sale for $2. There are still more pieces from that purse I plan to use on other projects. So I guess I got the $2 out of it.

Purse hanging on a hook. Ta Da!

I look at all these cute craft blogs and whenever one of those gals finishes a project they do this. Stand in front of a mirror and take a picture of themselves. I think it is funny, and so did my husband. He was in the other room very capable of taking the picture. But I HAD to have it this way. :)

What do you think? What are things that you look for in a diaper bag? I have ideas of making a matching wet bag (for the cloth diapers) that will somehow hook on. But I am not sure how practical that will be, maybe too bulky. Any ideas ? So, I guess my diaper bag cost about $5 --- I still have leftover material.

**Special thanks to my husband for helping me with the pictures --- I love you.**


  1. That is awesome "sewing shepherd". [what a cute name!] I've just been thinking that I ought to replace my black and pink diaper bag... not only because it is black and pink, but because it's falling apart. I *love* yours and it doesn't look too hard. Did you use a pattern at all?

  2. Thanks Anna! No I did,'t use a pattern. Basically it is a rectangle w/ 3 pockets. I thought of adding more but this seems to be going well. I love the pockets on the outside with elastic because I can put more in there and they stay closed at the opening, for the most part. If you make one may be you could blog it! :) love~Brooke

  3. Love the bag, Brooke! In the first four photos, the trim looks like it's a light brown pattern. But in the last photo, it looks like it's a little green? What does it look like "in real life"? =) Good thinking on the metal hooks - I think they add a lot of character to the bag! Oh, and I wouldn't worry about not having the matching brown thread. I like a bit of contrast myself.

  4. Your diaper bag is soo neat Brooke! Isn't it amazing how much money you can save by sewing your own things sometimes?

  5. Jill, the accent fabric is a yellowish mustard color. I like that color a lot.

  6. Brooke
    I loe reading your blogs, they are humorous and informative. That diaper bag is very cool and you did a great job. I love the pictures you both have done, my favorite is the one of Athan with a bad hair day. What a great idea of taking a picture with your finished project. I had just thought last week I should have taken pictures of all the baby afghans and matching hats I've made over the past 3 years, I will start doing it now after already sending 500---it is never too late! Hope to see all of you soon!