Friday, January 8, 2010

You Know it is Cold When...

~ Your feet burn when you get in the shower.

~ You have to put on the second pair of socks.

~ You have not gone anywhere in almost a week.

~ There is a little girl's bouncy ball frozen to the ground (Ellie was sad about this, and confused:)

~ The idea of sitting in front of the huge fireplace in Bass Pro sounds blissful!

~ There is frost on the INSIDE of a window.

~ Your heat is set to 58 during the night and is still running, ALOT.

~ And just because you haven't been anywhere in almost a week doesn't mean you want to change that. :)

~We are thinking of having a play day in the bathroom because it is the warmest room, no just kidding. We did think about it though.

~The icicles you thought were so beautiful a few days ago have lost their dazzle.

So...who is ready for Spring? The gal from FLA is. :) Enjoy your day and Christ wherever you are on the map. Even with all this cold there is MUCH to praise Him for!


  1. I have one more...when a little girl puts a puzzle together--with mittens on! This CA girl isn't having fun, either!

  2. That made us laugh!! I thought you might be able to relate to this post :)