Sunday, October 25, 2009

Family Art Project









So...I was at ALDI"S and they had great looking pumpkins for $ I splurged. It was so fun to do a FAMILY art project. Ellie loved it; after dinner it was about all we did other than bath time. :) She is still wanting to paint more on the pumpkin so tomorrow we may give it a make over. And sweet little Athanasius was a trooper in his exersaucer. We brought it into the kitchen so he could still be apart of family art time. He is so cute! I just have to squeeze him every now and then.

I think this is the most beautiful pumpkin I have ever seen ( I am a little partial to the two main artists involved). Bravo Clayton and Ellie.

Yesterday I ran into my favorite thrift store in Springfield, Thrift Haven, to look for art supplies. I was praying for googly eyes, plastic beads, and anything that sparkled. I know it may sound like a small request but there was a plastic baggie for $1.00 that contained all three items and a bonus package of little jingle bells. Thank You Father for hearing such a small request! We actually made a couple pipe cleaner bracelets with the beads this morning before breakfast. Maybe we have an Aunt Abbey in the making. :)

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  1. Hello Brooke!

    I wanted to let you know how much I enjoy you updates. They are very sweet and homey ;-). The pictures of the children are adorable and very well done! I enjoyed the last story of our Father's provision. Those personal stories are so special! We'll see you Friday night, Lord willing!