Thursday, October 8, 2009

It's raining, it's pouring...

Today it is raining, and I love it. It is so cozy and nice to be inside with my kiddos; I have bread going in the bread machine, no dishes in the sink and two tired babies from a lot of playing and pretending. Ellie and I did something this morning we have never done before...a craft! We have been working on shapes with her, so she would tell me what shapes to cut out, I would help her glue them (she LOVED the glue) and she would put them on a blank card (a big pack of cards from Hobby Lobby). She got a kick out of it. We made five! So...there might be some certain someone's getting some mail soon. :) I thought maybe we could start doing a craft a week and go from there.
(pictures coming soon...)

Yesterday was a big day for us. The bulldozer was still on our street digging up the sidewalks on the other side of the street. So Ellie was glued to the windows most of the day. And then the cement guys came at around 8:00pm (yeh, I know, poor guys) and they didn't go home until 7:30 this morning (YUCK!). Oh, and a house behind and to the left of us went up in flames. That was a little scary, that happen around 10am, and they were out there all day. The neighbors down the street that offered my husband weed awhile back kept walking through our yard alllll day to check it out. That was weird. Yeh, what do they do for money???? Anyhow, the city ended up tearing the house down at dinner time, and I will admit when Clay got home we went back there too (with all the other curious neighbors) and watched. It was a better view than from our back deck.:)

I just took a look at my cousin's wedding registry and wish I could register all over again. I wish I could have registered after I got married then I would have known what I really needed. But, we learn. And it is really fun looking at what someone else wants for their home, it will be fun to pick something out! is nap time so I better try to get something done...or maybe I will take a nap. :)

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  1. LOL I was sooo confused about the weed. I re-read that sentence probably 3 times. Want to know what I came up with? That they hired Clay to weed their garden. I just figured your sentence formation was a little off. haha! I'm going to type this and send it before I tell my husband and he tells me how embarrassed he is. =) Just to clarify .. I get it now.