Monday, October 5, 2009

My FIRST post...

My sweet husband has been on me for a long time to start my own blog. Why? Because his really awesome (there is no charge for awesomeness) blog is, or should be just for photography [very serious]. Of Pigtails and Dinosaurs is here for all our family that is far away and those of you that want to read about our little world. Maybe it will be worth reading about, I don't know. But, I do know that it will be fun and that our Ellie and Athanasius are blessings from God and this is a great way to document and share their growth. So here we go...

While we were playing outside today Ellie ran up to her bouncy ball kicked it and said, "I'm gonna play football Mama!" And kept on running. How does she know about football? From Shea B. game this past Saturday. To say she enjoyed herself would be an understatement, she loved it! We were happy to support Shea but we did not anticipate Ellie's reaction to it. Maybe it was because she sat with the big girls and Kailey gave her candy. She talked about it for a long time that night and still is. "First" experiences are fun, especially when you are two. :)

Athanasius is asleep for his afternoon nap. He is reaching out for things now, and has a very serious, focused face when doing so. Everyday there is something new it seems with both of them. He has also found his foot, I'm sure that is very exciting. Ellie try's to help him with that sometimes, she try's to help him with a lot. :) We wonder what life will look like when he is more independent and doesn't need big sis so much. We love this...Ellie calls him "my boy" ---- "mama, I want to see my boy" All throughout the pregnancy we prayed Ellie would love Athan and not be jealous. God has answered that over and above!

Ellie found a slug today outside. She wanted it off her wagon though, so we got it on a leaf and put it in her play house where a little while later she squashed it, I don't think she did it on purpose though. Another exciting moment today was when a bulldozer started ripping up the side walk in front of our neighbors house. We stood on the front porch and watched. She loved it. She asked, "Mama is the bulldozer yellow?" I thought, I may be afraid of homeschooling when the time comes but at least she knows her colors. :) Thank You God for little moments like that. But sadly the bulldozer continued on his way, more sidewalks to dig up.


  1. This is truly a wonderful start to a great blog (of course I am not at all biased)! I had a really fun time reading it. Thank you, babe, for getting it started. Maybe we will post a football pic tonight.

  2. Hello Brooke! Bryan told me just yesterday that you were starting your own blog. How exciting! Just wanted to say I'm looking forward to reading your entries!

  3. I was just rereading this post a couple weeks past the year anniversary of it. I must say that I am thankful for this blog! You are a lovely wife and though we still need photo albums it is still pleasant to be able to browse through all your post and look at the pictures of my beautiful family! Thanks for posting =)