Thursday, October 8, 2009

~ Sounds From a Little Yellow House ~

These are some sounds you might hear from our house tonight...

1. a sewing machine (Clay gave me some time to finish the dress I have been working on, he wanted me to go out and browse a store or whatever I wanted, but they are a hard bunch to leave! Thank you Babe, I had such a fun time sewing!)

2. nickle creek (Clay also got me some music going on this online radio he uses --- check it out, it is neat. )

3. Kungfu Panda, which also means ALOT I mean ALOT of laughter from Clay and Ellie. They love this movie, and the movie also sparks creativity in their fighting skills. It was good that I was upstairs, Mommy's have a hard with that stuff. :) I guess I just do not want to hear the "pop" when her shoulder comes out of joint, but she loves it and Clay loves it, so...their kungfu skills must still develop and grow. :)

4. Baby noises from a laid back, wishing he could join in, Athanasius :)

5. Crying from Ellie when I finished the dress and wanted to try it on her. She was in her favorite attire, being "nakey", just a diaper. The girl tells me every morning without fail that she wants to be nakey and several times throughout the day. She calmed down though when things went back to nakiness.

6. More crying from Athanasius (I'm still unsure if I am spelling his name correctly, that's a problem I never thought I would run in too...thanks Babe! :) --- I guess he didn't know he was hungry until he saw me. It is kind of like when you walk pass Chik-Fil-A in the food court and realized you really "need" that #1.

~Sounds fun doesn't it? We love it, and wouldn't have it any other way. I just think one day we will be old and it will be quiet and we will miss this.

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